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Healthy Relationships with food

Become one with your diet and lifestyle by developing healthy and valuable relationships with food

Building a healthy relationship with food is number one for nutrition leading to positive physical and mental well-being. The purpose of having and sustaining a good relationship with food is to not have food control your daily life. A goal may include having more positive experiences with food than negative. Building a healthy relationship between you and what you eat starts with having patience with your journey. Some tips for healthy relationships with food may include: > Showing patience and kindness towards yourself at all stages > Avoid negative talk about food > Appreciate food for more than just a fuel source > Trying new foods > Steer away from emotional and appearance based decisions The fact is there is not an ideal perfect body size or weight. The human body is constantly changing and adapting over the long-term, with short term fluctuations. It is important to listen to your bodies needs, be inclusive with your diet and prioritize the food choices that best suit your personal nutritional needs. Practicing healthy strides towards good relationships with food means balance. Being mindful of the foods you consume without being too restrictive or hurtful to yourself or your body. A measure of success should be the best version of yourself only comparable to previous versions in your own journey. Balance may include welcoming many of natures finest whole foods into your diet or eating in a new setting. It is important not to allow other people's choices to discourage your journey and remembering that what you eat does not define you as a person. Appreciating food as more than just a fuel source provides value in your life and will lead you to forming better relationships with food. A healthy relationship with food should ultimately feel like you are in control of your health and wellbeing. There are many times we may feel like we have lost control from too much outside information in diet culture and media. We are all biochemically different and nutrition is never a one solution fixes all, however healthy foundations of food relationships as mentioned, pave the way to sustainability. Prioritizing eating with pure intentions and conscious consumption will contribute to becoming one with your diet and lifestyle.

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