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A flexible Approach 

Welcome to my holistic health corner! My name is Natasha Pataki. I am born and raised Canadian with a European background, currently residing in Toronto Ontario.  I started this blog to share nutritionist developed recipes designed to nourish your body with helpful nutrition information that everyone could enjoy.

My recipes encourage a healthy lifestyle and show you how you can achieve optimal health and nutrition while forming good relationships with food. 

Whether your seeking nutrition advice, looking for more ways to incorporate a variety of foods into your diet or seeking a lifestyle change this blog will help guide you along the way.

Discover a nourishing diet that promotes good relationships with food. My recipes encourage my audience to indulge on a wide verity of natures finest whole foods. Nutrition is never a one solution fits all approach, but it starts at becoming one with your diet and lifestyle.


I studied at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). A certified nutritional practitioner falls under the practices in holistic health, wellness and nutrition promotion. We are recognized by two governing bodies that meet the Canadian educational standards, (IONC) and (CANNP) whom allow us to practice openly and independently without any unethical polices or control. As a licensed yet unregulated professional (RNCP) I carry expertises in food and nutrition and complimenting holistic alternative natural medicine. I work with clients to individually assess biochemical uniqueness and create a protocol using diet, supplements and lifestyle suggestions. 

I believe in having a well rounded whole foods diet. I put my passion for nutrition into my practice and recipes to help other people achieve their goals, as I believe this is extremely rewarding for myself and my readers. 

More about my work

I spend a lot of my extra time creating and researching for the development of recipes and meal plans. I enjoy having fun with my practice and would consider myself a "foodie". I also love to glamorize health food through photography. I get a lot of my inspiration from dining out at restaurants, absorbing cultural traditions from around the world, simply just having fun with food and then applying it to my expertise in human nutrition to reflect my client protocols.


public relations 

- The Big Carrot community market, contributor 
- Plant Based Magazine, featured 

For inquires related to recipe development, contribution or features please contact me at 

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Best in health! Natasha Pataki, CNP

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